In Dark Glow, we are committed to the protection of the privacy and security of our clients, and also of those who visit our website. The Dark Glow, team is made up of people who also use and access other websites, so we truly appreciate and respect your privacy. If you have any question about how we protect it, please write an e-mail to

For all our services, the data controller (company responsible for your privacy) is DarkxGlow

What data do we use and why? Let us explain it.

Your name and contact details
Why do we need them?
-To post your orders
-To send you information via a text message or e-mail, and to keep you updated. We must do it not only to keep you informed of our promotions but to inform you about when you will get your order home.
-Fraud prevention and detection. To prevent and protect you and Dark Glow against fraud, something which is essential for a better operation.
-To find out what you and other clients like. To guarantee that we offer what you like, and to remain your shop.

Your date of birth
-To check that you are of legal age
-Fraud prevention and detection

Information on your gender
-To redirect you to those sections you are likely to have more interest in. To show products you are interested in quickly.

Payment information
-To collect payments and make refunds
-We must do this to comply with our contract with you. Because we are an online company!
- Fraud prevention and detection

Contact history with us
-To provide you with a better customer service.
-To train our staff, so that when you get in touch with us you get a better service.

Purchase history and saved products
-To suggest products you might be interested in.
-To provide customer services and assistance, dealing with returns.
-To find out what you and others like.

Information on accounts linked to us
-To make it possible for you to access our website much more easily, with no need to create an account (direct link via social networks)
-To offer recommendations on products, so that you can easily find what you like.

Your survey responses, quizzes and promotions
-To conduct a survey, a quiz or a promotion Ip, browser, operative system
- To develop marketing tasks by e-mail

You don´t need to give us any personal information. But if you do not do it, you will probably be unable to buy on our website, and your shopping experience with us probably won´t be the best. But this is up to you and we respect that. We are dedicated to selling what you like, without your information we would not be able to keep on offering our services, as we would not be unable to send your order or to collect your payment; to sum up, we would be unable to provide personal attention to you. Our commitment with you will always be to keep your data safe.
We also anonymize personal information and bring it into groups so that you cannot be identified. We use it for different purposes, such as testing our computer systems and for research and data analysis tasks, with the purpose of improving our website and to develop new products and services. We also share this information with third parties.